Monday, November 30, 2015

Health Republic

The health Republic polices will expire on Monday and about 200,000 New Yonkers will be effected. Health Republic is the 12th health insurgence co-op established under the affordable Care Act to go down and wile these 12 co-ops received 1.2 billion in taxpayer-fund loans they failed for numerous reasons. One being  the  server limitations on using loan money for attracting and marketing outside investment money. Lack of understanding by feral health officials of how hard for the co-ops to compete with established insurance, Congressional budget -cutting which  reduced the original 6 billion in grant loans to 2.4 billion and the unexpected sharp cutbacks in reimbursement rates under a federal "risk adjustment" formula that moves money from companies with healthier customers to those with sicker ones.

Health Republic insurance transition of care deals with " in an ongoing course of treatment with a provider for a life-threatening or a degenerative and disabling condition or disease; or
b) in the second or third trimester of a pregnancy when your new coverage becomes effective;"
How do you think you would react if your healthcare polices were to expire?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bernie Sanders' plan for universal healthcare

          Bernie Sanders views on universal healthcare and free tuition for all  public colleges and universes has a lot of people solid but not enough. This is due to the fact Sanders has openly said that he is Socialist democrat. People can't seam to tell the difference between democratic socialist and  a socialist. Now many are wondering how Sanders plans to pay for his  proposals. Sanders has said that he would pay for it by  truing to Wall Street and corporate America.

  Universal healthcare is something that a lot of  rich Scandinavian countries have like Norway and Denmark. Many have said that it would not work in a capitalist country that the U.S is in fact Hillary Clinton said that on the Democratic Presidential debate. Universal Healthcare would benefit everyone as well as free tuition  and I don't see whats wrong in observing what other countries are doing and learning from them it seems to be working for them.

 Free college and healthcare for all - how would Bernie Sanders pay for it? - Oct. 16, 2015